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Haunted Toy Store

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In 1950 the Toy Store was owned by Carl and Michelle. After many unexplained events, Carl and Michelle were found murdered in the store. Their murder remained unsolved and the store remained closed and eventually condemned. Fifty five years have since passed when a new couple petitioned the town to let them open the Toy Store again! Once the Toy Store had their grand re-opening, strange things started to happen. After only being open for a few short weeks, all of the employees - Patrick, Jenny, Jon, and Samantha - were all mysteriously murdered and the store was forced to shut down again - this time for good!

You and your fiends have heard the stories and rumors of the hauntings and strange occurrences passed down from generations that came before. You all decide there is more to this story than anyone knows and you feel you will be the ones to determine if the rumors are true. You have been warned by many to stay away but your curiosity has gotten the best of you and here you are today. Be careful to follow all of the steps otherwise your fate might be the same as those there before you...

Difficulty: Beginner

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